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May 10

The Pitfalls of Freelance

As many of you know (or I may have mentioned, I honestly can’t remember), I left BPI on the first of May.  The spring season was winding down, and it was a good time for me to take my leave.  I’m planning on moving to Atlanta some time in the next few months, so I’m looking for work up there, and in the mean time I’m freelancing.

Now, I know when most people say “freelancing” they mean “watching Netflix, pretending that I’m employed with useful labor.”  But I really am!  I totally promise!  No, but seriously, I have a few regular clients and clearinghouses that I produce web content for.  And I have some dear friends that have put me in touch with some new prospects, so everything is going well.  And I like being my own boss and working on my own schedule and all, but there are some things I forget.  And these things are my downfall.

  • I never know the day of the week.  All of my work deadlines are either done by a length of time or by a calender date.  And since I’m working from home, my weekend days don’t look that much different than my weekdays.  I forget that I forget until I need to know the day of the week, and it eludes.  The girl at the cupcake place must have thought I was stoned yesterday because I was wide eyed staring at their menu that was divided by their daily offerings.  I wasn’t stoned–I just freelance forgot.
  • I stop eating regular meals.  I know how it goes: something bad just happened at the office between 11 and 1?  It’s time to go to lunch and cool down.  But I don’t have people to interact with or to get space from, so I just eat whenever I get hungry.  And I keep forgetting to eat.  I just fill the gnawing feeling in my belly with Diet Coke.  Sweet, sweet Diet Coke.  And before I know it, it’s 6:30 and dinner is the first meal of the day.  I’m pretty sure this isn’t healthy.
  • I don’t see the sun.  Because I live less than ten blocks from the places I work, I have yet to buy a car.  I can walk or bike every single day.  But now that I work literally ten feet from where I sleep, there’s no need to go outside and see the spiteful sun.  It hurts my eyes, yes it does.  This used to be one of the worst things for me, but the new pup and the garden make sure I get a little Vitamin D a day to keep the crazy away.
  • Image via Buzzfeed

    I become a cat.  I want someone to talk to, then I want it quiet.  And I want people around, but not too close.  And now I want to be alone.  And I want to work for this client, but now I want to do this other thing.  Today, I just want to apply for grants.  The wide open opportunities become daunting, and I want to do them all and none at the same time.  And I just want to be loved.  But only exactly three belly rubs or I’m going to attack.

I’m sure this list is longer, and I’ll keep discovering things as I go, but for now, I’m happy with where life is leading me.