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Jan 02

Review: A Knitter in His Natural Habitat by Amy Lane

Knitter in His Natural Habitat

Okay, so this book has put me into a bit of a dilemma. I’m not sure if it is a better example of the fact that the vast majority of m/m romance readers are women, or if it is a better example of the fact that there is literally a book for all tastes. So, let’s split the difference and call it a tie. Because A Knitter In His Natural Habitat is a m/m romance story about Stanley, a yarn buyer/jack-of-all-trades who grows up into a real gay man by learning to knit.

Okay, it’s not quite that easy, but almost. Stanley has his fling with benefits in the backroom cut short because the other guy, Craw, decides to settle down with a nice guy, all proper-like. And Stanley, man whore of all Boulder, gets dropped hard. And instead of whoring himself back to health like he usually does, he decides, at Thanksgiving, to learn to knit and learn to love himself and stop putting out in the back rooms of clubs. All at the same time.

And I know that sounds a bit sex negative, but I’m really not. I’m a big do what you want fan, so long as it makes you happy. And it’s not as if his past passes lightly in the book. We are told numerous times and repeatedly and again and again that:

Boy is a Bottom - Willam

But since Stanley isn’t happy with his all-the-dudes lifestyle, maybe the romance genre has a monogamous solution to this problem.

Indeed it does. So, after three months of no sex, Stanley meets Johnny, sexy Italian delivery guy. Cue incredibly fast ramp up to relationship built on love and secrets. Not that it’s bad; it’s sweet. Just fast. Because we’re about to take a turn from sweet knitting story into…


Yes, I didn’t see that coming either. Turns out, Johnny is in Witness Protection because he saw a mobster kill a prostitute. And the mobster’s son is after him now. So we have running and hiding and fights and shootings and scenes in hospitals. It gets a little heavy for your lighthearted romance, but anything to get the blood flowing in any direction. And, in great Oscar Wilde fashion, the good end happily and the bad unhappily. You know, with cookies and knitted goods and a baby. Like you do.

I mean, this book is popcorn literature, but I enjoyed it well enough for what it is. And if this is the sort of thing that really twists your knobs, you should know this is the fourth in a series.  So you can get all your fabric craft gay love on.

JMF Rating: 6/10

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