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Feb 13

Review: Cindrella: Fables Are Forever by Bill Willingham, et al.

Cinderella - Fables Are Forever

Okay, this is the cover art to Cinderela: Fables are Forever. This is the second in a graphic novel spinoff from Fables, and it follows Cinderella, supers spy extraordinaire as she goes on a quest to find an old nemesis. Back in the day, when the Russian fables fled the Homelands, Cinderella went undercover to try to find out where they were hiding. Along the way, though, she ran into Dorothy Gale (of Oz fame) and the two became fast enemies. So the story follows Cinderella, tracking down an old enemy she thought was dead, trying to get to her before everything goes to hell too much.

First things first, let’s talk about this cover.


This cover is problematic. If you’ve ever been to Russia, it’s cold. It was cold in May when I was there. I can’t imagine trying to do super spy type things in the middle of winter at a chateau wearing what she’s wearing on the cover. There’s nowhere for her to keep that gun. And it just seems like its meant to titillate the adolescent male audience for this graphic novel.  And the subsequent bra-and-underwear fight between Dorothy and Cinderella in the first issue just left my eyes rolling. I’d reuse the really gif, but I just used it, and I think you know where I stand. These stories are better than this sort of pandering.

And I did appreciate that this Fables involved Russian and East Asian characters that I was only dimly aware of. Anything that can expand my knowledge is always appreciated. Further, when they go to Africa and meet Anansi, it was interesting to see him displayed as a local crime baron who always gets his way due to clever planning and traps. I’m a sucker for an updated myth, what can I say?

But this story didn’t really come together for me. Maybe it was the over-reliance on flashbacks. Maybe it was that the stakes weren’t high enough. Maybe it was because it seemed so episodic with every other scene taking place not only in a new location but with an entirely new set of characters. Maybe it was that Dorothy Gale as psychopath for hire didn’t ring true or plausible. For whatever reason, it just wasn’t clicking with me.

But, that’s the thing about the Fables universe. It’s kind of like sex and cake: even the worst sex and/or cake is better than none at all. And so it is with Cinderella: Fables Are Forever.

JMF Rating: 5.5/10

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