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Jan 26

Review: Bastards and Pretty Boys by K. Z. Snow

Bastards and Pretty Boys

Stumbled on this book on my e-reader and thought that I would give it a go.

Charles has just bought a cabin up on one of the lakes on the outskirts of Chicago, and he’s using it as a hub to get away from it all. It all including the brewery that he owns and operates, his ex-wife and now older sister-style fag hag, and his domineering boyfriend Kenneth. See, Kenneth doesn’t want to be gay in public or in front of his kids, but he likes the fact that Charles is stable and hot. But, lo and behold, next door there’s a hot guy who is brooding and doesn’t seem nearly as uptight.

And we can all see where this is going.

Booker, the next door neighbor, gets to know Charles after everybody else has gone back to Chicago, and they quickly become an item. Like the next day. And so Charles is ready to break up with Kenneth, but then there are all the issues.

All of them.

All of them.

Turns out Booker was in jail for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. And he was sexually abused by his prison therapist. And the prison therapist is still obsessed with him and stalking him out at the lake. But Charles takes it it in stride like it ain’t nothing but a thing. Which is awfully big of him seeing as they have known each other for all of four days. And also, Booker’s an artist, so you can’t be all bad if you create highly prized junk sculptures a few months after getting out of the pen.

But their is also craziness coming from Camp Charles who bought a lake house but is terrified of the water due to falling through the ice as a child. So Booker has to slowly coax him into the water while Charles buys spy equipment to help catch the bad guys in Booker’s life.

And they have sexy times, and it’s all going okay, but this book just hits some walls that could have made it a lot better.

-The characters are really good, but they accept the problems and the real world setbacks of the other with nary a blink. Got a criminal past? No problem. Stalkers? Who doesn’t? Hydrophobia? Sexy time can make you forget all about that. This is a book that is crying out for some angst and soul searching, which can be tedious, but if that’s the name of the game, please play all nine innings.

-The spy equipment story is just kinda ended with no resolution. We caught the bad guys, but the story is over before they get their just deserts. So we’re just hanging out, you know, without any catharsis. Would 20 more pages of the bad ending unhappily really have been too much to ask for?

-Unresolved angles. Did the private investigator turn up anything about the stalker? Why did Kenneth decide to help the stalker? Is there going to be revenge or retribution? No one knows or seems to care.

This had so much potential. But in the end, it’s a combination of these two pictures:



JMF Rating: 5/10

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